A hornet climbs the air. Gold fuse.
Closet of crutches. Branches torn
by the storm. Down stiff gutter.

Roosters as they were. At home.
Chimes bring sun. The ground
with light, averaged gravity.

The controlled kind, toward calm.
Ivory studded with iron. Pulp.
The air as sweet. Bright flower.

My pores open. Common someone.
Hotels. Pools. Banquets. Cold trays of fish.
Depictions of. Balsa. Pine. Cherry.

Announcements. A test grammar into pointing.
Coasts appear wrung with garlands.
This liquor in verbatim. Colorful stone.

Wafers upon the lake ice. Thinking
to then. Children’s voices. A flood
between the blossom time and fruit.



Excerpt from SOFT