When I saw you waiting out in the car, face
united with the window,
I smiled / I did “deep in thought” / I waved /
I wanted to take back that wave /
We got on the proverbial elevator at the same floor
but there’s no weather
to discuss / People
will always wear colors
for a cause / People
will always wear red or white for something,
you said once / No coincidence
my red dress matched the car that day and
the poison berries in the front yard too / We say
poison like it’s intentional / Like someone
had it in for us / No coincidence
I wanted to be buried in your backyard / I was barefoot and
carrying a paper bag but I don’t remember
what it held now / We argued
about donuts once / It was so long ago
and arbitrary / I know you can drop five
stories in an elevator before you die / I know
a lot more useful facts /
I got up to talk to you, waiting
in the car, weighty with something / No
coincidence / Both
of my feet were asleep /